Recwall was previously the solo project of grunge survivor Robert Emmet Christopher Wall. A veteran of several NYC bands. It is now a band of five well seasoned musicians working on a new album to be released in 2020. Wall had been carrying the torch of melodic hard rock into the 21st century, when he joined forces with four like minded power players who's names will be revealed when the album is released.

Recwall first emerged in 2016 when Wall dug into his deep back catalog to create his debut demo album "Voices." With memorable guitar hooks and evocative vocal melodies, "Voices" showcased everything he does best. Building on that momentum, Recwall released "Nomad" in 2017, which expanded on his signature sound, before taking a turn for the experimental with 2019's "432 Hz." With impressive resilience, Wall has been consistently putting out high quality music for years, and with the new band shows no signs of slowing down. While rock may not be dominating the airwaves the way it once did, as long as bands like Recwall are out there, these songs will always find an audience.

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March 2nd, 2020

After a steady flow of demo albums starting in 2016 produced in his home studio, Chris is in the process of recreating RECWALL with a four new band mates. The new lineup is in the studio now co-writing and recording what will be RECWALL's 4th release, but its first as a band, and certainly its first professionally recorded, mixed, mastered global release. The band is re-recording a couple of Chris' previous compositions, but the new album will contain mostly new material co-written by this brand new band of 5.

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432 Hz


On this third album, Recwall adds an experimental edge to his hook heavy songwriting, best exemplified on standout track "Let It Breathe." With its propulsive rhythm and grinding bass line, "Let It Breathe" manages to be both heavy and laid back at the same time. The star of the show is Wall's vocal performance, evoking the ghost of Chris Cornell with evocative and powerful lyricism. And while Recwall certainly harkens back to a different time, the production is forward thinking enough to welcome in a new generation of fans. A must listen for hard rock enthusiasts.